Driving Me Mad

I’ve mastered right hand driving. I’ve mastered a manual. I refuse to master the driving test.

After a year in the UK us ol’ Americans have to get a proper local license. Andrew is in the process of getting his UK license which makes the DMV in the states look like the gold star standard in customer service. It’s that bad.

You have to take a written exam (theory test) and a driving test. Andrew has honestly been studying a ton, and trust me it’s a pain in the a** to pass. He’s also taken driving practice tests with an instructor. If you don’t take a practice test your chances of failing sky rocket. It’s a gigantic ridiculous ordeal.

And the kicker for me is that if you have an EU license you’re free to drive like a bat out of hell on the roads – no UK license required. Not all EU countries are right-hand drive, most are left! Have you seen the way Italians drive? Yea, come on over to where it’s backwards from your country – have at it! I’ve driven with a few of my EU mates, bless them, but sweet mother did I hold on for dear life.

I am thankful I live in a town where I walk everywhere, but help us all if there comes a time where I have to take the test.


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