Chain Reaction

OK so you kids might have a few questions. No? Well I’m answering them anyway.

First and foremost, this is NOT will NOT be a mommy blog. No offense. But y’all are not going to want to know all the deets but since growing a child does take up a lot of our time and focus you’re going to hear about some happenings. Obvi.

I’m 15 weeks 1 day [whoop], every day counts. I made it through the first trimester with no morning sickness, even hiking 30+ miles in the very beginning. Italy was very good to us. I’ve been keeping up with my normal running and workouts for the most part; you do know I’m married to Mr Outdoors who refuses to let me slow down.

We are going to find out the gender. I never thought we would want to know, but seeing a grey monkey onesie while shopping for my friend’s baby, I quickly realised that gender-neutral options are limited, or ugly, and often boring. We are ready to refer to Baby M as a him or a her, and I’m ready to finally start shopping. Bahahaha. Who has time to run out with a newborn and pick up a cute outfit? Priorities people.

I can confirm Andrew is the baby’s daddy, since into my 2nd tri my cravings for sugar have diminished. I’m sure the Cadbury and Jelly Belly reps are looking into their declining sales.

The fun part of telling the fam my eggo is preggo. When I found out, I paced the house for about an hour in shock and threw in an ugly cry for good measure. Then I harnessed Indy up for his morning walk with a “I’m a Big Brother” note on his collar. When Andrew went to lead him up for the AM walk he got a nice surprise. I did record me telling Andrew “you ARE the father;” it’s priceless and I might end up sharing the clip, but for now it’s a nugget we are keeping to ourselves.

I Skyped the other crazies….

My reaction was more like….



  1. Finally you shared… It was a great surprise..I think your dad is still going WHAT? What is all the fuss about?

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