Wimbledon Was Aces

Almost a year ago to the day, we were wishing we’d be here. Unreal.

Wimbledon was everything we imagined. We’re Disney World tired from our long weekend in London.

The honeymooners we went with managed to win tickets released by Ticketmaster over the weekend. We missed out and had to start queueing around 7:45. The masses were managed by the Wimbledon staff easily and were very organised. We were on the grounds about and hour after they opened at 11:30.

The people are insanely posh — proper posh. Crowds were electric with excitement and crawling with activity. Best of all, we had perfect SUNNY weather. Rain would have absolutely blown. Super lucky that we got to watch matches all day.

Wimbledon is a massive area. Tons of courts, spectators, athletes, and champagne. With grounds tickets we roamed around and caught plenty of matches. We even scored open seats to Georgia’s own John Isner. And Andrew, and the honeymooners, made it on Wimbledon Live TV. I wouldn’t have believed it went on air, but my mom emailed me saying a neighbor saw him. Just his luck.

By the afternoon we had it sorted and managed to get front row to many of the smaller courts. Amazing.

We’ve spent many years tuning into Wimbledon and to see everything live was a dream. Definitely would love to go back again – keep adding to our towel collection. I could go on rambling, but you really have to go there to truly appreciate it.



  1. yaaay! I am both excited for you and envious of! 🙂 I have always wanted to see Wimbledon… one day I will too! until then, I watch on television while wearing my “Wimbledon Players Do It On The Grass” shirt. 😉

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