Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – The Red, White & Blue

I think the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is the closest thing we’re going to get to the 4th of July. The country beamed with patriotism as streets and businesses were lined with images of the Queen and Union Jack flags – and have been for a few weeks.

The four-day holiday weekend included tea parties, street parties, boat parades, and we threw in a birthday party for good measure. It was quite the spectacle and royal monarch fan or not, there was something special about witnessing the second ever Diamond Jubilee. Not to bad for 86!

Over four days of pomp and pop and patriotism, the British celebrated their country, their past and their modest, calmly glorious Queen.

The people who cheered her are usually silent but they cling to the memory of when this island was a braver, kinder and perhaps better place than it is today.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II embodies that more than anyone alive.The Mirror

We watched all the festivities while taking part in our own, which included a beach jaunt to Wales. Beautiful sheep sea views.


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