I don’t need your charity. I’ll dance for my money!

Me, Andrew and a bunch of our friends went out this weekend in the name of charity. It was a beautiful gala that raised loads of money for a good cause – and we were all gussied up. I also saw my first black swan. Dear Disney/Sea World – you need some of these!

The weather in Shrewsbury finally got the Spring Memo. You know you haven’t seen sun or felt warm when 70 degrees makes you sweat and people start murmuring there’s a heat wave. I’m serious. This weather would have to hang around for the next 4 months for me to forgive the crappy spring we’ve had to date.

And one friend popped, one friend to go. I am in awe that this FOUR DAY old baby already had time for a photo-shoot. Supermom Lu! I typically don’t understand putting babies in flower pots or on top of dogs, but holy cuteness Batman.


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