The Queen’s Speech

Am I boring you all to tears? Sorry if I’ve been somewhat lameorita on the updates, but we’ve been running around and I haven’t had a chance to properly write. So, pardon the dust while we get back to normal – actually engaging – updates.

How about some quintessentially British news to cheer you little biscuits up?

Yesterday marked a yearly tradition of “The Queen’s Speech,” in which your majesty sets out the government’s legislative plans for the next year. Basically, she reads what the government put together. But the ceremony is lovely and full of tradition.

It’s not solely about the speech.

The Telegraph featured amazing coverage and video highlights of the speech. Definitely check out the pomp and circumstance, and the political jab by Labour MP Bolsover:

Steeped in centuries old tradition, the State Opening of Parliament represents is more than just an outline of the Government’s proposed policies, but the primacy of the Commons over the Lords.

The Labour MP for Bolsover adds his own tradition to the Queen’s speech, heckling Black Rod when he commanded MPs to enter the House of Lords.

Still want more royal news? Get a load of Prince Charles and Camilla having a go at being weather presenters – highlarious.


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