Sleep On It

I need sleep like it’s my j-o-b. Our neighbours decided to have a row at 1AM last night and I didn’t fall back asleep until they slammed the last door around 2:30. Sadly, yes, they are adults.

Today, I’m a Krabby Patty.

We did pick up our new honeywagon! Normally folks get excited about car shopping, but I was less than intrigued about picking out a vehicle. The whole idea just seemed exhausting. We were thinking about a Golf, but settled on something a bit different. It’s a BMW 120d, 5 door. You know, plenty of room in the back seat for — Andrew’s mountain bike. I definitely love our new ride and will now be under the supervision of Andrew any time I’m driving. Trust me, that’s actually a good thing.

How’s your day? Send me a nap, please.


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