So That Happened

Ever have a weekend where you know you did a lot but on Monday you can’t remember anything.

If April showers bring May flowers, we should be covered by a jungle of petals.

Ask me two months ago if we get a lot of rain, and I would have answered we probably get about as much we did in Atlanta. After last week, I am considering writing a letter to Hunter Boots thanking them. My wellies got their money’s worth. Poor Dr Jones got three baths in three days. He sparkles now. We have ducks on the sidewalks, rivers bursting – everyone is confused. To be fair, this time last year the weather was said to be warm and sunny.

And as for Norak in Nashville. She proved there is a little bit country at the Rock N Rock half marathon. She was aces. Under 2 hours! Can you friggin believe it? May my legs hold up to see me run that many miles someday.

Lastly, we went honeywagon shopping and have sealed the deal on a “new to us” car. I’ll share the pics once we pick it up. In the words of Stevie, I’m very superstitious.


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