Manarola – Bella Italy

Here’s a glimpse into a small slice of heaven where we stayed in while in Cinque Terre – Manarola.

Cinque Terre is a national park, which means you aren’t going to get the crappy tourist stands and shops in the streets- just the local shops selling homemade goods. OK, and a few magnets and postcards. No buses, no cars, no moped bikes. Glorious.

The food courtesy of Trattoria Dal Billy: lobster pasta one night, Sea Bream the other night. Seriously the best dishes of our lives. I always wondered how someone can say they’ve had the best [insert food] ever, but after this experience I certainly understand. I will never forget these meals. Not to mention when Andrew ordered the 12 small plate mixed-fish appetizer. His Christmas morning. Yep, we tried everything.

The restaurant overlooked a beautiful hillside, glowing with my favourite view of the Easter Resurrection scene.

The streets smelled like lemons, which grew on the trees and were the size of your head. Each town makes their own limoncino, which is a not-so-sweet version of limoncello.

Definitely one of my favourite of the five villages. And now I’m hungry again…


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