Cold Snap. Er…Slap

Who gets a snow day in April? If you answered Shrewsbury, award yourself 10 points for playing at home.

Yesterday, we woke up to this:

Nice light dusting of snow. This is “unseasonal” according to the locals. And let’s be glad we don’t live in Scotland, where they had about 6″ of this fluffy white stuff. The poor flowers! Maybe I should add “unseasonably cold” to my vocab.


And oranges.

What did I decide to do on the coldest day in April? Go blonde(r). Typically I have a lovely golden colour on my skin this time of year to accompany this decision. Since I post Andrew’s mug on here all the time I wanted to show off my new “do.” Only problem, Andrew is not a big fan of photography…The shot on the right was his – I’m still in my jammies and not smiling because I also had on Whitestrips. On the left is my lame attempt at a self portrait. I think even Indy was rolling his eyes watching me.

It’s Good Friday tomorrow and we have an official holiday from work tomorrow AND Monday – suckas! Andrew and I have a few plans this weekend, up to no good per standard.


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