And That’s How You Do A Weekend

How does one spend a four-year wedding anniversary? We booked a reservation at a lovely restaurant and ended up staying in and ordering the best pizza. And that kids, is marriage. Staying in sometimes overrules going out, maybe it’s the perks of dressing down. We’ll get our official celebration on in Cinque Terre here in a few weeks.

This weekend was the most relaxing low-key weekend an old married couple could ask for. Good food and great friends.

Saturday we pretended we were tourists in what ended up being a 2+ hour walk around town. We had not idea our little town had that much to offer.

Andrew ate his way around Shrewsbury. Oysters the size of his hand for lunch one day and a proper Sunday roast the next. We hosted a small BBQ with friends and I am thrilled to report that he officially mastered bringing the American hamburger to Shropshire.

Don’t worry — eat a lot, play a lot more. We had a mini running club going on Sunday with some mates, Indy in tow too.

*that pic of the beer shortage is a nice jab at the government over a recent petrol crisis that got pretty ugly.

Quiet weekends are the best. I realise how much I do adore being in England right now.

To kick the week off right, I leave with some words of wisdom that a good friend shared recently on his birthday —
:: After 30 years I have concluded on the three secrets of life: 1) Passion – its the purpose of life. Find yours and give it all you have. 2) Happiness can only be found within yourself. Until you are happy with you, you can never be happy with another. 3) Love is about giving, not receiving. Only hope you will receive a fraction of what you give….I pray to God daily to help me find my passion, allow me to be happy with myself, and love with a selfless heart….everything else is just a distraction…



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