An Open Letter To Our Mom On Her Birthday

Norak, today is your double nickels, the big 55. (no worries, like anybody really reads this blog so your # is safe). This is another day we celebrate the best Mom, ever. OK to the two people that might be reading this, Norak is pretty effin amazing. I am a firm believer that Mikey, Andy, Heather and I have been blessed with the world’s most awesome mom.

I give you a few of the countless reasons why our mom is aces:

This woman makes a big deal about everything and everybody. If you have a birthday, I don’t care how un-monumental the year, Norak goes big or goes home. For our 21st birthdays, we got a card AND present in the mail while we were away at school for the 21 days leading up to our birthday. She always puts other’s first and makes sure everyone feels special. Share or be damned is what we learned quickly as kids. This woman puts on a Thanksgiving meal at each UGA home game, not because she likes to tailgate, but because she likes to 1) feed people 2) be around the people she loves.

Her cheerleading days in high school gave way to her cheering us on at anything. Dance classes, little league, softball, school graduations – she was always the mom in the crowd screaming at the top of her lungs, praising us for even the smallest of things. Did your mom stand up in the middle of the Parenthood movie and yell, “Catch it Kevin, catch it!” during the famous little league outfield scene? She took motherhood on with passion and dedication. She has always been a source of inspiration and motivator for us.

She raised my brother and I with the highest standards and always pushed us to go beyond what we thought we were capable of. She made many sacrifices as a mom, but always – always – made time for our dad. The balance between wife and mom was never a struggle for her. Her marriage was equally as important as us. I’ve learned a great deal about marriage and what it means to be a good wife.

Sure she taught us the stuff that most kids normally learn, but she also took time to teach us about faith, working hard, and how to devour an entire box of chocolate covered cherries without getting caught. She worked relentlessly, to not only spoil us but to raise us right.

And Many More
And lastly – this one is open for the future, because we have 50 more years to celebrate. There is absolutely no telling what you’ll be doing, be it working at Disney World handing out balloons, or selling books on the beach. I do know that we can’t wait til you can spoil your grandkids the way we were.

It’s hard to find a stopping point to all the ways we want to celebrate you today, mom. Near or far, you’re always close to us and we always feel your love. Thank you doesn’t seem to be appropriate, so please know that we feel beyond blessed to have been given the best mom in the world.

Happy birthday, Karon. We love you! Now don’t you have some kind of cake or ice cream to go get into?



  1. WOW…amazing letter Nicole and what an inspiration. I now see why you are the awesome person you are. She has inspired me through your letter and I’ve never met her 🙂 Rock on! Happy Birthday

  2. This was the first thing I read today and I am still crying. This letter was amazing. I am going to print it out and frame it. Thanks for making my birthday so special.

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