Spring Birds & Bees

I’m retiring “unseasonably warm” from my vocabulary. It’s spring; it’s time to be somewhat not-cold.

I am fairly certain I’ve been hit in the face with a pollen powder puff. I did Google, “Does England have pollen?” to be doubly sure this is why I’m a sniffasaurus.

I need a visit from that cute little Spanish-sounding allergy bee in the states…you know, the Nasonex bee. That bee from the adverts sounds like actually is Antonio Banderas. Make that Antonio Beederas.

I’ve whipped out the shorts and open-toed shoes. Hallelujah, rejoice.

Did I mention we don’t have air conditioning?

And yes, I still miss Mikey and Heather. At least I can look at the beautiful flowers Mikey bought me as a little reminder of his visit. Yep, first time in — ever??– that he bought me flowers. Well job, Heather!


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