Doubling The American Population in Shrewsbury

Today, I’m sad. The past few weeks have been filled with family and yesterday we sent the honeymooners back to the states. Mikey and Heather popped into Shrewsbury for a few days. (I am spoiled rotten.) We filled our time with visits around Shropshire, including a stop to Ludlow for an afternoon.

Mikey and Heather dominated London and I certainly haven’t experienced all that they did, even though I worked/semi-lived there for weeks. Coming from the city to our small town, it was great that they had the experience of both British worlds.

The weather welcomed them to the UK, an unseasonably warm and sunny weekend. We actually got somewhat of a tan – dare I say. Anything is more colourful than white. They got to meet some of our mates as well. The days went by all too fast.

In summary:
– Castles close on Fridays at 4.
– Never sleep in a car where others have access to a camera.
– Going up to a bar greatly increases your chances of service.
– You see one lamb, you haven’t seen them all.
– It’s completely heterosexual to share a Cadbury Egg between two men.
– Andrew will leave you at any time for food.
– Bringing champagne to the pub is not a normal British greeting, but it is not necessarily frowned upon.
– Florida has King George. The Severn has that w***e Sabrina.
– There’s always money in the banana stand, and working a dingy in the Severn.
– Heather rivals Morgan Freeman for narrating skills. She could tell you a story about each person that passed by.

I am totally OK with boohooing for a few days. Couple that with allergies and I am a walking hot mess.

We are blessed to have such an amazing brother and sister-in-law. Wishing the newlyweds loads of love and laughter. Which you’ll need when the videos we took are one day used a blackmail.


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