A Three Hour Tour

A three-hour flight delay, before your nine-hour flight. Then arriving at your state-side destination and losing an hour due to Daylight Savings. Not my idea of an ideal Saturday.

Sunday I packed in as much Funday as one jet-lagged bird could do.

Our Sunday at Kennesaw.

Andrew’s Sunday at Snowdonia.

My 3-mile mountain was a hill compared to the miles he churned. Andrew trekked our favourite Snowdonia park solo to complete the “Horseshoe.” A 5+ hour hike, which with me would have taken 6, but going solo he completed in 4. Turns out Indy I might be bringing down Andrew’s hiking capabilities. I take offense, but for all the reasons tied to ego.

I might not have had mountains, but the universe was listening. Peanut Butter Cheerios greeted me Sunday morning via mail on my doorstep. I got to tackle Target, Old Navy, Coconut M&Ms and squeezed in a mani/pedi. How does she do it?!

Next stop, picture in your mind a cartoony map with a little car that makes dotted-line dashes all the way from Atlanta to Flordia. Orlando -> Key West. I win the reward for most miles traveled for a sibilings wedding, ever — well at least in my opinion.


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