Mary Had A Little Lamb-ing

It’s fleece was white as snow…and spray painted with a number.

Lamb(s): [lam]
1. A young sheep.
2. Like Indiana Jones.
4. Small cotton balls.
5. Feel like proper wool coats.

I know right? Go figure.

This weekend we hit up a proper farm to see what Mary’s lambs were doing. These munchkin sheep were noisy, adorable, dirty, and crazy. If you ever find yourself surrounded by lambs it’s best to stand still. Lambs run under and over each other. Tragic woolly bumper cars.

I was like a shepherd when they first saw me; they all ran straight to me, then as I inched closer – like a school of fish – they all hobbled away. Not necessarily the brightest animal in the barnyard.

The cutest: a sign of a healthy lamb is when it stretches after you wake it up from sleeping. Indy is a good lamb.

And as far as the numbers on the lambs, no they are not from Vegas or heading to Nascar. The farmer labels the ewe and lamb so that he can match up all the baby mamas. Big 57 matches little 57, large 30 matches tiny 30, and so on and so forth. I kept checking to see if there were any mismatched, but they seem to be able to tell each other apart.



  1. So I just added your blog to my daily reading lists – awesome to see what you guys have been up to! Can’t wait to visit…

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