Leap Year: We Don’t Celebrate In The UK

I keed I keed! But I thought that would get your attention.

An extra day. What ARE you going to do with it?

I think the coolest thing I’ve heard about Leap Day is that Disney is going to be open 24 hours. #sad Other than that it’s weddings and babies. #bleck

An extra day defined as such: intercalary 24 hours within a bissextile year of 366 days, a phenomenon started in 46 B.C. by Julius Ceaser. It had 12 months, and attempted to measure solar years by using occasional 366-day years. Come to find out, they were wrong by about .0008 of a day, and likely drunk. This oversight was corrected by the Gregorian calendar in 1582.
Earth’s way of rewarding you for getting through the last four years. Buy 1,460 days, get one free deal.

Everyone should take advantage of the extra 24 hours we get today.Here’s my official leap day list of 29 things to do — go on and take a few leaps in a different direction:
1. Flout routine.
2. Skirt the norm.
3. Raise a ruckus.
4. Carry on in an indulgent manner.
5. Call your mother.
6. Call a friend.
7. Call an ex.
8. High-five a complete stranger.
9. Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast…
10. And dinner.
11. Feel pleasantly whelmed. Not over, not under, just whelmed.
12. Watch the extended versions of the “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter” trilogy or the first three “Star Wars” movies. (Like you care to watch prequels.)
13. Teach your dog a new any trick.
14. Watch the chick flick “Leap Year,” in secret.
15. Bake Leap Year lemon bars.
16. Do more – clean your house.
17. Do less – build a fort and take a nap.
18. Run 24 extra minutes.
19. Make it a night out with mates. Pub Leap!
20. Create your entire wardrobe for a month using things you find on Pinterest.
21. Look for online Leap Day deals. Extra day to boost the ol’ economy.
22. Wear green, like a frog.
23. Create a Leap Day playlist with songs like, “Jump for my Love” and “Beautiful Day.”
24. Use the word “leap” in various conversations all day.
25. Try something new, like Marmite.
26. Cheat on Lent.
27. Have an after dinner coffee, even if you don’t go out. You rebel.
28. Write a love note.
29. Be happy. Every day is a gift, but when we get 366 rather than 365 days in a year, it’s special.


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