Sound Off: The Brit Awards Versus The Grammys

Pancake Day AND The Brit Awards. Doesn’t get much better. After watching The Grammys for some umpteen years I was looking forward to a proper British music award show.

Here’s my perspective on how The Brits carry a different tune:
1. No cheesy pairings of musicians before handing out awards. The do have musicians handing out statues, but you don’t have to sit through 30 seconds of crap fake conversations before they announce the category and nominees. Brits get straight to it.

2. No lip-syncing. The Madonnas and BritBrits should heed caution. The artists do sound amazing, bit different, but you know it’s them and not a track on the microphone.

3. Not as fancy schmancy. The Grammys are bit more slick and production wise very over the top. The Brits had a more concert-esc vibe.

And local lady Adele shows she’s quite the “bird” after her acceptance speech for the winning THE award of the night was cut short….


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