Snowdon, Snowdonia — Take II

A three hour tour. A six hour tour.

After Andrew’s big BBC debut we went back to where it all started – Snowdon, Snowdonia. Having seen Snowdon on a clear, crisp fall day, we were excited to see it in the cold of winter.

It was like going through the seven layers of the Candy Cane forest. We were in shirts and sunshine at the start of our hike and by the midpoint of our 6-hour hike we were bundled up and in snow.

The majority of the hike was technical, and closer to the summit it grew more challenging. Talking people in Crampons and carrying ice axes. We? We brought Indy.

No booties and we stripped his jacket off within the first mile. Poor guy kept weeing on it. However, on the hike he was brilliant. Couldn’t get over how high he was jumping. There was one other Jack on the mountain, also in a red harness. Doggy destiny. Makes you wonder if dogs get sore. He successfully made it for 5 of the 6 hours. Andrew and I each have a sore bicep, so worth it.

This is a short drive from us. Spoiled.


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