Valentine’s Day. Yes, we celebrate it in England.

If you came thinking I’d write some mushy open letter to the hus, sorry to disappoint. 1. I know you really don’t want to see that crap. 2. I wouldn’t want to read one that you wrote to someone.

Now that we’ve cleared the air.

Technically Valentine’s is when we celebrate our anniversary with Dr Jones, he was our Valentine’s present to each other 7 years ago. [what were we thinking/glad that worked out] Hear’s Here’s to you, our little monster love muffin.

So instead of gushing about my love, how about I give you some advice from the hus on how to keep a successful relationship:
Laugh often. And, laugh at each other.

We’re a regular three-ring circus over here.

I send loads of love to my family and friends, and encourage you all to do a little something different today to make it special. Or the Cupid karma fairy will shoot you right in the a**.


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