All Hail The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Put some tea on, it’s time for a little royal history lesson.

On the 6 February 1952 Queen Elizabeth II came to throne, with her actual coronation taking place on 2 June 1953. This year marks 60 years of the glorious ol’ Queen’s reign. To celebrate, the country is throwing a Diamond Jubilee. The proper throwdown celebration will take place in early June, and the country is tossing in a bank holiday. Cheers to that, Queenie!

In short, we are looking forward to random celebrations from now until June. There have been various documentaries popping up and I must say that the monarch’s history is quite fascinating. And assuming many of you have seen either The Queen or The King’s Speech. That’s how I really get down into the historical trenches, with movies!

We watched Diamond Queen on BBC and the documentary was an intriguing view into the Queen’s more personal life, with William and Harry sharing stories of their famous “gran.” Adorbs. Oh Harry, I do love that ginger.

Say what you like, but can you imagine going around the country always being “on” every day of your life, complete with a schedule of to-dos put in front of you each morning. Plus, no offence to my nan, think about sending your 85-year-old grandparent around the country to meet with foreign dignities – I’ll pass. The Queen was groomed for her role, I understand, but interesting nonetheless.

And now you know. You are celebrating a groundhog holiday this week, I am celebrating the Queen. Her hat does cast quite the shadow.


One comment

  1. You mean you wouldn’t want your Nanny traveling to foreign countries just to ask; “How much does this cost?” Really, that’s just outrageous.

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