Super Bowl Snow Day

Popular question from last week: Do you get the Super Bowl? Answer: Yes, but minus the adverts.

So that kind of makes the whole experience of watching the Super Bowl completely unappealing. The Super Bowl also came on at 10:30 PM GMT, which is not exactly what you would call prime time tele. We did get Madge’s halftime performance, but I only cared for the end part with Cee-Lo. And did she get in trouble for lip-syncing?? No loss for not catching the game here, I have this thing called the Internet that fills me in on what I didn’t missed.

We spent Super Bowl weekend wishing for snow. The neighbouring towns around us were dusted with about 2 inches. Shrewsbury got slush. Boo. On Sunday we managed to make our way to our favourite hiking spot, Caer Caradoc, where there was no shortage of the white stuff. Indy did just fine in the climb, eating as much snow as he walked through.

And now, bring on spring. Time to thaw out.


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