February Sweets & Television Debuts

Dear February,

Have you seen January?


Not sure if it was the skiing or the massive amounts of Swiss chocolates I inhaled, but I’ve been in a sugar-induced fog/coma these past few days.

This month is going to fly by and we still have loads going on. February is also an important month as Andrew will be making his local tele debut.

BBC One contacted me most urgently while on vacation, and to make a long story short, remember when I told y’all about the most EPIC rescue mission from the Royal Air Force in Snowdonia? Well, I wasn’t lying. BBC One was on board the RAF that day filming the rescue and now they want the perspective we had from holding on for dear life atop the mountain. They Google’d RAF Rescue and found the videos I posted – scary, right?

They are probably going to have to edit Andrew’s poignant choice of words at the end of the clip but he’ll be on the program. Pays to be beautiful and daring I tell ya! I have a DVD coming, don’t you worry – and I asked for tickets to Top Gear. Did I mention I work in PR?

As for me? The person who documents our life and puts it online, I get to host the viewing party. And this only rewards Andrew for schlepping me up a deadly mountain. I guess people are reading this little old site after all.


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