Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

The secret to having it all…is knowing you already do.

Hi, I’m Nichole and I like to keep some things to myself. If you’re new here, sorry, my blog my rules. Today is a VERY big day. Dare I venture and say, epic? Today is marking something new in our journey across the pond. I’m uber excited but will wait to share the details; don’t want to go jinxing anything. It’s like the mixing of church and state; I try not to mix business with pleasure.

Here’s a hint: I baked for the occasion.

I know, what a crappy hint. Let’s say that my freelancing/freeloading days are coming to an end. But most of all thank the good graces above for allowing some things to work out just the way they should just when they were supposed to. God has a sense of humour, trust me I’m proof.



  1. Here’s a preemptive Congrats!! I mean, you baked…and it was probably delicious. So, that warrants some well-wishing, for whatever that news may be 😉

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