Indiana’s A Local & There’s A Ladder In My Tights

That’s the face of a pup at his first local. The Boathouse is our Sunday Funday home, especially when it’s warm enough to sit out by the river. We took Indy Saturday evening to scope out the joint. He met some lovely people and sat down almost long enough for a picture.

You learn something new every day, or in this case from watching an advert.

Me: Got a “ladder in your tights?”
Gal pal: Yes, a ladder.
Me: What, like a run?
Gal pal: A run?
Me: In your hose.
Gal pal: A run in your panty hose? Hose?!
Me: Well, what’s a ladder… a run!
Gal pal: So if I go to America and need tights I ask for panty hose?
Me: Yes.
Gal pal: What happens if I ask for tights?
Me: You’ll end up in leggings.

Hope your weekend was as lovely and random.


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