Photo of the Week

I am a wannabe professional photographer. People always nip at me when I take too many photos at a party or whilst we are out, but the second I show them the pics they ask for a copy.

The United Kingdom is full of eye candy. Andrew and I can go on the same hike but have a completely different experience due to the constant change in weather. I am always snapping away. Sadly, on this weekend’s hike I didn’t have my iPhone. I have found that my iPhone 4 takes some ridiculously high quality pics, plus it’s travel-friendly. We were left with Andrew’s trusty Blackberry.

This is what we ended up with. I can only imagine how wicked this would have been in higher resolution. It looks like I am tackling Indy. It looks like Indy and I were plopped on a background at an Olan Mills studio. I haven’t even attempted to photoshop. Gorgeous.


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