Netflix Arrives In The UK

Remember that episode of Friends where the guys get free porn and are afraid to change the channel in case it goes away? When I logged on to Netflix this weekend and gained access I had the same reaction. I couldn’t believe we were able to view some of our favorite shows and movies we’ve been missing on this side of the pond.
Curtain rises on Netflix in the UK

Glad Netflix worked out their visa and customs issues. I can get back to becoming a fan of Breaking Bad. Now if Pandora would take notice.

In other random news you can’t use… it might be a known thing that European customer service is, well, not the best. We Americans like speed, results, prompt answers. Unfortunately, I will have to continue to wait for my Christmas present to be resized. Should be back in by next Christmas at this rate.

Conversation between me and the jewelery store sales lady:
Me: Hiya. I dropped off a ring to get resized. I am waiting to hear back on when it will be ready.

Sales Lady: Well if we had heard anything we would have rang you back.

Me: Do you know when I might hear back?

Sales Lady: As soon as we hear something.



One comment

  1. Your aunt and uncle turned us on to your blog. Love it! Back in our days over in the UK, it was all done via a little newsletter that we generated for the fans back home. Blogging is so much better! I laugh at your Netflix story. Our stint was enhanced by the worldwide transition of AOL. We were thrilled to be able to have worldwide email at last! Love the bit about the sales assistance. We truly recognize that attitude. Hang in there. It all adds up to a wonderful life-enriching experience. Glad you get to have it!

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