New Trails & Dinner Parties

“I love England.” Those were my words Friday night. Some things are starting to click across the pond and every weekend we fall more in love with our quaint town.

This weekend was fairly low key. We took Indy on some new hiking paths, and we are incredibly pleased to report he led the entire way. Starting to think he ate some sheep droppings for energy. Regardless, he hates the shoes but doesn’t mind his all-weather jacket. Yes, we are those people. I left my iPhone for the trek, sadly, but Andrew’s Bberry managed to capture a few of the beautiful moments on the trail. I think we could open an Olan Mills on top of this peak.

Saturday night was followed by a lovely dinner party hosted by a good mate. Anytime Indy is also on the invite is a huge plus.

Taking everything in as usual. Ready to tackle another week. Hope y’all had a fantastic, relaxing weekend as well. I am not even going to mention how pathetic all of my sports team were. Shudder.


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