Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: England Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you are probably very aware that when Andrew and I moved from the states we had to leave behind our most precious cargo. Indy Dr Indiana Jones was placed in the gentle hands of “quarantine” with my mom and dad. The grandparents took amazing care of our pup, including helping him pack on a few pounds of “I miss mom and dad weight” whilst we were gone. When we went to the states for Christmas Indy’s quarantine period had expired and he was finally ready to cross the pond with us.

Since Andrew ok’d his job we were working frivolously to ensure that Indy could be brought over to the United Kingdom, and brought over quickly. That meant multiple calls to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and our local veterinarian at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic. Without everyone’s patience and support our little man wouldn’t be piled up with me in sunny cloudy England right now.

For those looking to ship their animals, please do as much research as you can. If we had not followed up multiple times, we would have run into serious issues with the various specifications required to allow an animal to fly. Shipping Indy was honestly the hardest thing to do. I figured I would be sad, but I had no idea I would be so emotional. I was a complete mess and cried the entire time we were dropping Indy off. Andrew “manned up,” but even he said it was incredibly difficult.

I would now like to give a few words of thanks and one strongly worded message and warning to a specific airline.

Dear Paces Vet: Sincere thanks for your help in getting Indy over without any issues. You answered our million questions patiently and helped us understand the entire Puppy Passport system. Your doctors have always been kind to our family and we are appreciative of all the hard work and extra miles you went to helping make this long process as easy as possible. Dr Cary was especially attentive to our needs. Simply stated, y’all rock.

Dear Pets on Jets: Coming off a 7+ hour overnight international flight with no sleep I was immediately running at full speed of the plane to scoop up Indy. Upon arriving in your offices we were pleasantly greeted by Bridgette and Ian who immediately welcomed us by name and let us know that Indiana was just fine. Bridgette had let Indy run around in a special area and kept a close eye on him. Indy made it off the plane quicker than we got our baggage. We had no worries at all that he was in the best of care.

Dear Delta: Disappointed, sad and angry is the best way to describe how we felt treated. After spending many long hours and paying some hefty fees to ship our dog we could not have been more dissatisfied in the service we received upon checking Indy in for the flight. We arrived extra early to ensure that our dog was on the flight before the said cutoff time. The customer service representative was less than helpful and had no knowledge of her role. We trusted you to ship our most precious cargo and after hearing about your track record with animals were obviously nervous about the flight. The rep spent time fidgeting about with no urgency to get our dog checked in. At one point she even said to us, “Nope. He can’t fly.” This was after she had misread the paperwork. I was already noticeably upset but this pushed me over the edge. We were frantically trying to call our vet, who reassured us numerous times that we had all the appropriate documents. After asking a more knowledgeable colleague the rep realised her error. This back and forth did me in. I was already nervous wreck dropping him off, only to be told that he would have to sit in his cold cage on the floors in the Delta hanger for 3+ hours until the flight. Disgusted. The complete lack of concern from the Delta representative was appalling. Would it be too much to ask to hire a person that actually liked animals to handle the job? For the money it costs to ship animals, one would think we could have afforded for our dog to have a personal stewardess. If I have to use Delta again I will most likely search for alternative shipping means.

End scene. Sorry for the rant, but I hope to save someone the trouble we had to go through.

It was a long time coming but having Indy here definitely makes us feel more complete and settled. We have some adjusting to do, but we’re more than fine. Thanks again to everyone who sent support throughout this ordeal.




  1. What does it mean to have to quarantine the pooch? I figured he would be holed up in some “plastic bubble” room for a time, hanging with strangers and watched for any ick, and then be allowed to head over with his mum and pop. I’m not shocked, unfortunately, that your experience with Delta sucked out loud. Happy New Year!

  2. oh my gosh Oh My Gosh OH MY GOSH I am just so happy he is finally there with you!! I teared up (happy) when I heard he was finally there, and again (frustratingly) just now about Delta. I know I would be the same way with my sweet Basil. I also know there are people that are not as attached to their pets in the way we are, but I would bet most are like us – and this process should definitely be overseen by folks who understand that.

    sorry it was bumpy – SO HAPPY he is there!! ❤

  3. Indy looks like he is having fun ( minus the boots). Give him a kiss for me cause I am having Indy withdrawals. Oh BTW, I miss you and Andy too.

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