Cheers, to 2012

What an absolutely amazing holiday. Christmas back in the states was incredible. My favourite day of the year has gone by too quickly again.

I wish Georgia had welcomed us with sunshine, but instead we were covered in the clouds for most of our stay. The 60s were nice to see again. Being back at home was overwhelming at times. It was my first time home in nearly five months, the longest I have ever gone from seeing my family. We were greeted with quite the fanfare as Norak wasted no time whipping out the birthday balloons and cake. From seeing family and friends, some old and some brand new, we were running around the entire time home.

We had a beautiful Christmas, and I was spoiled as always with presents. Maybe I’m old, maybe I’m sentimental, but being home was the best present. Something about being with my family on Christmas Eve just does it for me.

And if you are experiencing sugar withdrawals back in Georgia, I apologise. Norak and I baked an obscene amount of cookies. Sugar cookies, brownies, thumbprints, peanut butter cookies, mint brownies, pretzel Rollos, seven layer bar…I know I am forgetting some. I learned you can beat jet lag with the help of Betty Crocker at 7 AM.

When we traveled back to England we were able to carry along with us some very special cargo. We are happy to report that Indiana Jones is here now with mom and dad. Whoop! I know he misses his grandparents, but he’s getting accustomed to everything just fine. I’ll post the story of his adventure later when I stop crying. I’ve created a Twitter account so Norak knows he’s doing OK. Again, I’m becoming way too sentimental for my own good. Go ahead, you know you want to follow him

It was all a whirlwind.

So to 2012, I write a few short notes…
dear Mikey and Heather – I am counting on seeing you in a few months (weeks really!)
dear Indy – we are beyond lucky to have you here in England. Now mind those bits and bobs.
dear Target – I miss your smell already.
dear summer – hurry up.
dear hus – you never cease to amaze me.
dear friends and family – come visit, like yesterday.
dear Kardashians – enough. Leave us alone. We don’t want anything you are selling.
dear whatever is in store – bring it.


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