Santa?! I Know Him! My Christmas Favourites

Smell: Christmas Trees. Cinnamon sticks. Fresh holiday cookies. Candles.

Tradition: Every Christmas Eve growing up my brother and I got to open one present. Now that I’m older, the men in the family watch Die Hard while Norak and I pray for them during our Christmas Eve candlelight service at our local church. I know what you’re thinking, but Die Hard is totally a Christmas movie.

Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life. If I don’t list this movie Norak will fly over and beat me. But seriously, it’s a movie that teaches about the importance of being a good man and giving more to others without expecting anything in return. It also teaches you not to leave $8,000 with your crazy uncle.

Hymn: Carol Of the Bells. The Home Alone church scene where the boys choir sings this gives me goosebumps.

Christmas Picture: For the first time in 100 years Mayretta, Georgia got snow on Christmas day. Epic. Norak and I made the jankiest snow angels in our front yard. I laugh every time I see this pic.

Sight: Going to New York and seeing the Rockefeller tree lit up. The tree of all trees is something truly special.

Best gift: Whenever my brother comes home for Christmas. Family.

Worst gift: I never got Grubby and my parents will never forget it either. He was Teddy Ruxpin’s catepillar friend. Hey Santa, Grubby’s on ebay!

Memory: One Christmas Santa left his footprints on the carpet from the fireplace to the tree. The “special” North Pole snow didn’t melt and I wouldn’t let my parents vacuum for like a week.

Dislikes: How quickly December goes by. Dec 26 is the pits; all the magic is gone.


One comment

  1. So Thankful you enjoy the traditions. It isn’t really Christmas without family traditions. Christmas is about the memories ( even if some aren’t as good as the others).. Counting down the days till you are home.

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