All good things are wild and free

Dear winter, we can’t wait to see you but thanks for being a late this year.

I know, more hiking. I’m the new non-paid social ambassador for REI. The only way to walk off a turkey is by hoofing it up a mountain. New weekend, new path.

The sunny balmy weather was too good to pass up. We found a new mountain a short drive from our house. The mountain didn’t seem steep until we were directly underneath it. I needed an oxygen tank to get up to the top. There were a few stops along the way. At the top the wind took us away, literally. We could lean into the wind and it would hold us up. I have the chapped cheeks to prove it. It’s all fun and games until you end up with snot all over your face. Thanks, honey.

The views of Shropshire on the clear day did not disappoint. We are spoiled rotten. And so were the fat, fat sheep we saw.

The biggest surprise came on the drive home. We saw dozens of wild horses. They were absolutely beautiful. My first reaction, “That’s not a sheep?!”

We ended the perfect Sunday Funday at Bridges with a warm fire and pints.

You’d think we would have run out of places to amuse ourselves, but leave it to Andrew to find new trails.


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