Thanksgiving Turkey & Party Hats

The Native Americans gave us corn. The English gave us party hats and balloons.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with our close mates. Today, I am thankful for water and the fact that our terrace is still standing. Andrew and I cooked the turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and we asked everyone to bring their favorite dish. Due to our European living, the oven was too tiny for a proper turkey so we cooked two breasts, and we had to cram all the pilgrims into our living room.

In short, it was absolutely amazing. I can’t compare it to Thanksgiving back home, but it was like a glorified dinner party with good friends.

My favourite comments:
– This turkey is the best I’ve ever had. Better than Christmas dinner.
– What is this pecan thing?
– I’ve never had anything like this.

Whilst the turkey was a hit, I would like to say that my sweet potato casserole was a close second. Thanks Norak for the recipe, it’s being passed around in England now. We’ve gone international, girlfriend. I also made carrot (cup)cakes; it’s what a girl has to do when she can’t find proper pumpkin pie or Karo syrup. It was the first go for making the dish my mom has always made and Andrew took his first pass at gravy. Delish. We’re good cooks, what can I say.

The locals brought Yorkshire Pudding and delicious cheeses for snacks and dessert. Yes, there is such thing as a dessert cheese that will blow your mind.

The best gift from our mates, party hats and balloons. They weren’t exactly sure what to wear or what goes on during the American’s traditional Thanksgiving. We wore the party hats all night and the balloons were entertaining to say the least.

Growing up with Thanksgiving you know the ins and outs of the holiday food and family traditions. When our friends asked us questions about ‘what to wear, what to bring, what time do people eat, how much food is there, is it bigger than Christmas,’ it puts things into perspective. I sincerely enjoyed watching the locals take part in our American holiday. It’s fantastic to share your culture and ultimately create new celebrations amongst new people.

And it’s officially Christmas. Happy holidays, y’all!


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