Happy Birthday To My Dad

Today is my father’s birthday. I could gush about my dad for days. I would say he’s the greatest father in the world, but don’t most kids? What is a great dad? By definition:
Great: great/grāt/ (n) A great or distinguished person.
Father: fa•ther/ˈfäT͟Hər/ (n) A man in relation to his natural child or children.

My dad is all those things, but most importantly he was there for me. Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to have a close relationship with their child. Greatness is about what a person gives, and the sacrifices my father made for me is why I am what I am today.

I have dozens of childhood memories with my dad. He’s the only one who could get me to go to sleep at night, take me to McDonald’s for my Happy Meal religiously every Friday, do my hair (yes, true story), fry me bologna, teach me about football, push me to graduate a year early, show me the importance of keeping my big mouth shut, trust me to find the right man, share his humor and wit. I still remember coming home from a rough week at college and piling up on the couch with my dad for a nap. I will always be his little girl.

I wish everyone a close relationship with their father, it is important to find strength in a good man. Beyond being an exceptional father, he is a wonderful man. He is madly in love with my mom, strong in his faith, friend to many.

So today, let’s celebrate a good man, albeit a little older. Happy Birthday, daddyo.


One comment

  1. I just read your comments, wondering who you where talking about ! We all have memories of different things (don’t we) an how they occured. Growing up is hard enough those first twenty five years. Thank you for your birthday comments. I love you back and am proud of my baby girl with here new life accross the pond. Am looking forward to Christmas with you and your brother being home this year. See you soon!

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