Five By Five

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Five things you don’t know about me:

  1. I have successfully predicted all of my close friend’s pregnancies. I dream that a friend is pregnant and immediately call my gals and, sure as sugar, one of them will be pregnant. It’s the only time I have dreamt about someone being pregnant.  Freaky, I know.
  2. I listen to Christmas music when I’m stressed out. Yes, even in June.
  3. I appeared in an NSync video. Yea, be jealous. I was the one crying and holding a poster. It was beautiful.
  4. I started running after watching Lance Armstrong in The Tour de France. Seeing his performance had a profound effect on me.
  5. I can’t go one day without talking to someone in my family. Via email or phone, I harass someone I love on a constant basis.

Five things I’m good at:

  1. Whistling. It’s my party trick. I can call a man from a mile away, works well when the hus wanders off.
  2. My job. I am dayum good at working in communications. I have a passion for my work and have been blessed to work with some amazing, and famous, people.
  3. Baking. Move over Betty Crocker and Sandra Lee. It’s fun, you work with sweets and everyone loves a cupcake.
  4. Making people laugh. I get my wit from my father and I am fortunate to have the gift to make people smile and laugh. Laughter takes the edge off, and it’s important to never take yourself too seriously. There is no better feeling than when your face and stomach hurt from laughing hard.
  5. Running. You knew that was coming, right? On my first half marathon when I came in under 2 hours, I realized I might actually have a shot at being good at running. Persistence and hard work has helped me place in races and set my half PR at 1:38 and marathon at 3:40. #bam

Five things I believe in:

  1. God and Christianity. (enough said)
  2. Forgiveness. Everyone deserves to be forgiven. It’s the whole, “let go, let God” belief. You don’t do it for anyone else, you do it for yourself to move on.
  3. Soul mates. My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song.
  4. Family. I don’t care if your family tree is a bush or a branch. Families keep you grounded. I can only hope that the family I start will have as much love as I am surrounded by.
  5. Music. It’s heartache, it’s salvation, it’s love. It’s what your feelings sound like.

End scene.


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