First Annual “Tom Day”

Sometimes going into a weekend with no plans turns out to be the weekend where you have the best time. This weekend we celebrated a friend. Our mate Tom was making his small screen debut on “The Antiques Road Show.” To prep for the viewing party we renamed Sunday Funday “Tom Day.”

Tom was appearing as a part of a special Remembrance edition of the Antiques Roadshow. He’s the grandson of a heroic WW2 army chaplain. To commemorate the big day, a group of us traveled around Shropshire to learn a bit of history. We were promised a “quintessential” English afternoon.

Our first tour stop was to the Ludlow Castle. Unlike the other castles Andrew and I have visited, we had to pay admission, which meant we knew it would be good. It was a beautiful, massive, castle. Loads of history. From there we stopped off at a few local pubs. And our last stop was to visit the grave of Tom’s grandfather. He is buried in a small town outside of Ludlow and the area is spectacular. Quaint, and a special place for his family.

Tom’s big tele premiere was epic and we definitely think his appearance should help bring in the throngs of birds. Think Prince William, with way better hair.

Best of all, I came up with the grandiose idea to create “friend days” where we all get together and do something that the person wants to do. Example: if Andrew decided he wanted to camp, we’d all have to go camping and all day would be “Andrew’s Day.” These days cannot fall on holidays or the person’s birthday. It’s a cool way to do something you’ve always wanted to do and bring your friends along.

Another fantastic weekend around town. This week shouldn’t disappoint, as we will be heading to Rome in a few days. November, I like you.



  1. I bet Tom was so honored! 🙂 I like the idea of a friends day. Everyone would have to ride bikes with me on my day and then have a picnic! With wine, of course.

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