Banana Bread: Winning

I earned major points this week in the housewife department. See, I like to keep Andy’s expectations low. This way, when I do something like bake homemade from scratch Banana Bread (his fave), I am rewarded with loads of praise.

I needed something to perk me up in this cooler weather and nothing warms up the house than the smell of fresh baking naner bread. I had to search high and low and in all the wrong places for my baking ingredients, but bread was perfect as the pan is tiny enough to fit in our oven, which I think we borrowed from the Keebler Elves. Betty Crocker wasn’t available to help in with the recipe, hence the “from scratch.” Call me lazy but I know when to let another woman do the baking for me.

It turned out amazing, and the little banana slices I put on top were nomnom.

I still think the lady that sprinkled her face with flour in the old Rice Krispy Treat commercial is a genius.


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