Fireworks make my ears yell!

I’m almost fully functioning. I consider that a major success after the weekend. Holy holiday, Batman. That Guy Fawkes sure knows how to throw a party.

Friday was a soggy night but it gave way to a beautiful holiday weekend. Still in the upper 50s here and sunny! We soaked up as much action as we could this weekend. Andrew went mountain biking and came home with a sweet souvenir — nice bruised chin. Nervous about him bike riding? Me?! (cough). I continued my running and running and running.

On the 5th of November night we saw the local fireworks at our neighbourhood pub. Picture what your dad always lit off. Kidding, they were actually great.The walk home was smoky from all the bonfires, and there were fireworks going off all around us. I told Andrew, I imagine it is what what Tennessee must be like on the 4th of July. Yee haw!

Enter Sunday Funday. We tackled our favourite local hiking spot, The Strettons. Glad we partook in some form of exercise because Sunday night was ridiculous. The West Mid Showground put on an amazing fair, which included a gigantic bonfire and fireworks show. Mulled wine and cider kept the gang warm. I refused to risk one of my 10 digits on the rides, but the kids had a blast. Andrew has reported slight neck soreness this AM, and that’s what he gets for trusting carnis. We took the water taxi home. Was a perfect evening.

We’ve managed to talk some locals into celebrating Thanksgiving with us. I’m planning a small history lesson and menu this week. Now, if we could only find an oven big enough.



  1. Seriously what a fun night! I wish Billy and I could have been there to partake in the merriment and mulled wine. 🙂 I always feel better if I’ve had some physical activity before a big night like that…

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