An Open Letter to My Brother: Happy Birthday, You’re not as old as you will be next year.

Dear Mikey,

It’s your birthday. Get crazy and do what YOU want. That marathon of Battlestar Galactica calling your name? Live the day like the Honey Badger. The birthday world is your oyster.

Wow, in a month I won’t be able to make fun of how old you are. Let me enjoy what little time I have left. I always remember your birthday as a kid, probably because I can still feel your hand on my face as you try to push me out of your party. I always hated any day that you got more attention than me.

I’m glad that we always made huge deals out of birthdays; I’ve seen what happens to those that don’t – it’s miserable. The paging 42779 2478329 exactly at 12:00 AM, then we progressed to calling.

What was your favorite birthday present? I hope it was one I gave you, that year I sent the Hawaiian import adult beverage was a good one. I’m sure there is a sweet GI Joe or micro machine in there too. Your birthday is always at a good time of year, and anytime we could celebrate around Halloween, a win-win.

I wish we were 7 and could go back to Ryan’s, strictly for the “Happy Birthday We’re So Glad You Came” theme song. Make bendy straw glasses at Pizza Hut. Or smell like plastic from the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese. I’d settle for any of those places.

Thanks for always making me feel like a kid, maybe that’s why I think Disney and Universal can honestly be the best places on earth. Stay young, keep your humor. When our looks go, it’s all we have. (but, like our looks will really go. We have good genes.)

Most of all I wish we were younger only because it meant we’d always be together on our birthdays. College, life, it moves you around. I might not be there today, but please know I’m thinking about you – tons. Here’s to balloons, cakes, candles, memories and awesome presents.

Happy birthday to the best big brother. You, my dear, are the best thing that happened to me (don’t tell Andy or Indy).

Love you most,



  1. I am so blessed with such a great family. I do miss you being young but you have grown up to be such great adults. Wonder what birthday memory would be Mikey’s?

  2. Nic, that made me cry! I hope one day Quinton and Anna-Claire share your kind of brother-sister magic. At the moment we’re still at the “hand on her face pushing her out of the room” phase!

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