An Open Letter to Dr Indiana Jones

Dr Indiana Jones, our pup, is currently back home under the watchful eye of the grandparents. And for those that live under a rock, he’s deaf.

Dr Jones,

Our son. Who is short, hairy, and is a bit hard of hearing. I wanted to write and tell you how much we miss you and are thinking about you. Today is one of the first days since we’ve moved here where it’s been raining all morning. Wish you were here to pile up with me and keep my feet warm whilst I work. Good thing I still find your hairs, we’ve dropped you in the park, on a mountain, in a pub, etc.

I hear you are getting loads of exercise and GG is finally learning to love you. I know Andy got to see you not too long ago, I was really jealous.

Are Norak and Michael slipping you peanut butter on a spoon every now and then? Maybe dropping a candy corn or two on “accident?” If not, I’ll drop a hint.

We’ll have plenty of places and puppies for you to see here. There are tons of sheep for you to chase with me. Like giant cotton balls! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of months.

With only a few more weeks with the grandparents, remember:

– The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack.

– Sleep hotdog style, not hamburger. They can’t get anything bigger than a king sized bed.

– There is nothing magical, edible or exciting in the lower kitchen cupboards.

– Kiss people first, then other dogs.

– When you see a car driving down the street, they don’t need your permission to be there. It’s OK. They are not coming to hurt you.


:0 xx



  1. Dear Mom and Dad,
    Thank you for the letter. It came on a perfect day. Today Granddad left early and grandmother went for her run. She did take me out before she left and gave me some peanut butter. I wanted to do something special for her so when she returned from her run, I made breakfast for her with everything I could find in the trash. It was great trash. I asked her to take a picture for you but she said it was too early.
    I am doing better without my leash. Grandmother now lets me run free in the back yard after all my walks ( she really doesn’t want me to run away). I love to feel the wind in my ears without something tugging on my neck.. I always go right to the back door when I am done with running my laps because I know she will give me treats.
    I am excited about coming to a new country and my new home but I will miss GG ,my grandparents and this great weather. I know grandmother will be especially sad since I snuggle with her to watch tv.
    All my love to you both. I will try to behave but you know these old people just like to tempt me, they are so forgetful.
    Love your adorable Indy

  2. oh, my gosh. this is the sweetest ever. I don’t know how I’d got without Basil for that long! (and I saw a photo here, or on facebook, that I wrongly took to mean he was already there with you?) sorry – I thought his quarantine was up!

    such a sweetie – and yes, Indy, sleep hotdog style, not hamburger (Basil knows this as doughnut). 🙂

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