Public Radio Killed The Radio Star

My take on British radio might be rubbish, but it’s my opinion – so there.

There are four radio stations, OK there are probably more, but I have only located and listened to four. BBC 1, BBC2, BBC4 and I forget the other. The perk of BBC Radio, public funded so no commercials – loads of DJs talking, but no adverts. Kind of bizarre, yea? If I’m lying…

BBC Radio 1 is what I listen to throughout the day, I don’t mind the DJs and the music is probably something like the Q100 or 95.5’s back home. Andrew listens more to BBC4, a mix of all music new and old.

Now that I have educated you on the radio in these parts, I have to share this web nugget that they played this weekend. Andrew and I bout wet our pants.

Beyonce came over to London for a concert and, well just watch the video.

They had the poor cow girl on the radio and she told the story of what happened and it was hilarious.

On that note, enjoy your country music and mulitudes of channels back home.


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