The question isn’t “what are we going to do,” the question is “what aren’t we going to do?”

The hus was away this week and I enjoyed singledom, mwahaha. How does a single girl get by?

In Andrew’s absence I…

  • Became a total gym rat. I have officially tried every class, except water aerobics. If my old people pilates class was any inclining, I was steering clear of the pool.
  • Stayed up late and watched reruns of Sex & The City, and Kim Kardashians stupid wedding. Let me save you the suffering, surprise ending the husband is a big fat d-bag. Huge.
  • Danced to MTV music videos while cooking dinner. Oh, Beyonce I know who runs the world. (Yes, there is a actually a MTV channel that plays nothing but music.)
  • Took a mate to dinner and movie. He treated me to ice cream. My dream date, he buys me dessert. (Yes, the movie theater had a Ben & Jerry’s in the lobby. Brilliant.)
  • Cried – Niagra Falls Frankie – when I opened my brother and sis-in-law2b’s care package. I officially have candy corn coming out my ears, and that is not a complaint. I get to introduce others to the joys of Blow Pops as well. I am thinking of opening a black market candy shop.
  • Woke up at 5 AM to crawl downstairs, watch TV and go back to sleep again on the couch.
  • Had cereal for dinner. Twice.

Who am I kidding? I acted like a 16 year old with their parents out of town. With this good of a week, I don’t need to look forward to the weekend.


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