I’m Walking, Yes Indeed

We are a one car household now. Back in Atlanta, never would have worked. Here I am minutes from a train and bus stop, which will take me all over this island.
Andrew is carpooling with mates to work, which is amazing, and even on the days that I have the car it typically doesn’t move. And it’s not because I can’t drive, promise. I’ve definitely mastered a manual and the roads. We are close enough to town that it would take longer to try and find parking than walk. The grocery store is a 5 minute walk.

The weather has been cooperating and I might sing a different tune when we get into rainy season, but for now I absolutely prefer to walk about. Love this town.

This country also loves them some walking. The National Trust is launching its first Walking Festival, 30 – 22 of October. There are dozens of walks to trek, including some more hiking. Time for tea and a trot.

Never did I think I would actually be excited about a walking festival. Shove me on top of a mountain, that will change my mood.



  1. I love walking EVERYWHERE! Can’t do it in Dallas, but the next city we live in WILL BE a walking city. 🙂 Billy and I share a car, too. We make it work, but it’s not always easy. We both have bikes and use them to get around as well, but again, Dallas is not ped/bike friendly and we’re probably at risk of getting hit by a car!

  2. First of all, I love coming here to see you using words like “mates”. Heh. You’re so London! Fetch.

    Secondly, walkability is one of the single best things about being in a city (in my opnion, of course). If I can walk, I’m a happy gal. Doesn’t take much!

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