Cheers to the Weekend….

Cliche in 3, 2…

Awesome weekend.

Our first care package arrived from the states! I now have Halloween decor up and candy corn in the cabinet. Satisfied. Don’t worry, Andy’s mom shipped her baby Nature Valley granola bars. I refuse to ever be the house that passes out fruit on Halloween, I can promise you that.

Saturday we went with friends and pub crawled a neighboring town. Safety in numbers, and with locals. We tried ample amounts of local brews but my favourite taste-test came when I passed around candy corn. 1. Our mates had never seen nor tried the tiny trifecta of color and sugar. 2. They liked it! It was neat seeing people try something spanking new for the first time.

The town was quiet and we were able to do a proper crawl, including partaking in a few bar games like dominos. Finally, something Andrew isn’t good at.

Our last stop provided us with a view that was reminiscent of Asheville, N.C. Now this is a beer garden:

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying our town and taking in a few Simpson Treehouse of Horrors episodes, tis the season.

We absolutely love our town. How was everyone’s weekend?!


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