My Favourite Fall Trends

What’s trending with me this fall? Like it or leave it, these are my faves I’m coveting for the season:

Mixing patterns. Leopard spots making friends with zebra stripes. I am digging throwing everything together.

Seasonal Ales. Move over pumpkin spice latte, imma need something stronger. Local breweries are mixing up spooktacular ales. I don’t mind trying something new for the month. Pumpkin it up. Hobgoblin is one worth trying around the UK. They really get into the spirits.

Sonny Wool. It’s Rugby World Cup season and this mate isn’t sheepish about picking his favourite victor. Remember the octopus that could predict the football (soccer) World Cup winners? This little cotton ball is full of psychic abilities.

Who’s got your hoodie? Nike has mine. Their tops are ideal for keeping you warm, not hot, and comfortable while running. Let’s see what this English weather can do.

What do you fancy about October?


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