The “No News” News Week

Chatting with friends and catching up I realise I am not up to snuff with the US news, but I’ve also picked up plenty of useful/total crap news here on my island.

Things I don’t miss about the states:
Political bin talking: The UK loves to cover Obama but we’ve escaped the Sarahs and Michelles for now.
Dancing with the Stars: I think I missed that skeez Clooney dated get the boot and Chaz is fearing for her his life?

Things I do miss about the states:
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Law do I miss some good ol’ southern trash talking. I have no idea how in the bin Richt’s career is, what mascot Corso’s sporting and what teams are on the fence. Which reminds me, I need to head over and subscribe to ESPN College News.
Celeb Juice: I should have known months ago that Demi and Ashton were kaput. I love People Magazine, but when I hear news from them first I realise I’m slipping.

Things you can only get in the UK:
Footballer Carlos Tevez in serious trouble for his dodgy misconduct on the sidelines. Hey, sometimes you just don’t feel like playing…unless you’re getting paid out the nose. Fat head.
Indian Summer making headlines. The fact that it is warmer now that in July is baffling scientists. mwahaha.

Things all the news folks can agree on:
– No matter their nationality – Michael Jackson’s death trial. Conrad, good news, you’ve gone global.
– The financial future of the global. Outlook, doubtful.


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