You Don’t Stop When You See The Finish Line

Indian summer is here. The only bummer right now is that we are losing daylight, quick. Gets dark now around 7:30 and my sunrise is now up after me. Lazy. The seasons and time change means I need one too. Right?! More changes, mwhahaha.

Let’s see, how many blogs have I had?! This one, oh and that one, and then the big one before this one. Running and athletics consumed my life not too long ago and I was engrossed in all things Athletic Barbie. When your routine turns absolutely upside down it takes time to revert back into what were once habits. I remember before we moved thinking how much free time I’d have to workout whenever I wanted, pffft. You’d be surprised where the time goes.

I was so exhausted and walking all over creation that I was cautious of doing something just to do it (sorry Nike, but I do see your point). I wanted to say I need to run. It’s taken time, since my marathon in particular, but I’m excited again about paths and trails. I finally worked running back into my mornings, thanking London for the paths and great weather.

Running our neighbourhood river is a hard path to grow old of. We have plans to join the gym, can only fight daylight savings for so long.

You learn your surroundings by exploring. Alas, we’ll see where I run off to next.


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