Expectation is the root of all heartaches

Have you heard enough of me harping about being scattered? If you can’t beat em, beat em. I am ready for a weekend that is a bit more tame than last.

Woke up this morning and tackled a run, it was absolutely gorgeous on the river. The leaves are the perfect burnt orange and the sun was just making its way up.

The week has flown. I adore London but it’s lovely going home to Shrewsbury, where the speed as slower but there is still a lot to do. After seeing my friends I realise that this whole experience has been awesome, tiring, trying and exciting. You feel like you’ve been thrown out to college and forced to figure everything out again.

On the plus, there are loads of things I’ve picked up around work and it is fascinating to hear even the most casual of conversations. In the – I’m trying to learn the lingo, not eavesdrop – kind of way. It’s not drastically different but it’s noticeable.

I catch myself pausing before saying things like “If I had a dollar every time…” or “that is so janky.” Never know when my expressions are going to draw blank stares, typically they do, haha. But you can always trade up and learn new ones like, “take the p*ss out of it,” or “how are you getting on.”

It’s date night here at Shrewsbury and I am dying to unwind. We have a little carnival that decided to stop through, should be very interesting.

To the weekend!


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