So I Said to My Friend Johnny…

If you thought two Americans in a small town was bad, double that. I sent my lovely friends back home late last night. We wrapped up their European tour by having an amazing evening at Tower Hill. The weather was mild and the views were spectacular.

Here’s what you missed:
– Try putting “proper” in front of nouns, people will take you more seriously.
– Susan B Anthony coins are not accepted in the UK. Not even at McDonald’s. Not even at McD’s after midnight.
– The best way to get Andrew to not hike is to tell him that your brisk walk is in fact part of the hike.
– Cadbury needs to bring back the white chocolate.
– Man bag, satchel, whatever-you-call-it…still a purse.
– Dominos doesn’t play. They will call YOU back to make sure you aren’t too snickered to know you wanted pizza.
– Where there is one tractor, there’s many.
– They don’t make Band Aids here, nor have they heard of them.
– America makes better marshmallows, meaning when your friends pack mini mellows AND rice krispie treats you have the perfect late night concoction.
– You cannot replace American telly shows or football.
– Shopping with your best friend makes everything else go away.
– Anger is often confused with being too sensitive.
– Scottie’s British accent makes Mary Poppins’ Dick Van Dyke sound like a local.

Now I am stuck waiting for the holidays to see my mates again. All forthe best, my body needs a proper break.

PS (totally unrelated) – for all you Americans reading this, send candy corn immediately. And maybe throw in a little of those candy corn mellow pumpkins. nomnom.



  1. I just laughed so hard. I do have to make a correction thought: Dominoes not only calls once to make sure you aren’t hammered, but TWICE. we had a fabulous time!

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