Move On. Laugh. Repeat.

I don’t see an end to the chaos until October at this point, so I’m going to ride this puppy out. I have gone from watching sheep to watching red buses go by. I’m back and forth between here and London. Makes coming home even sweeter, but home doesn’t feel home yet. We have to get that “new carpet smell” out. I think a solid month of living in a place and moving things around where you want it makes everything seem more homey.

I am preparing for what is to be an epic weekend as our besties come and visit. I will try to get 12 hours of sleep tonight to make up for anything that is about to happen.

AND joyous day, somebody got a landline today. FREE calls to the US, well that’s what Andrew says but I’ll let the monthly bill have the final say. I just need phone numbers now, lol. You would have thought I was sixteen, hold up in my room calling everyone. Is that what it was like in the 60s? Because I totally get it now.

This is kind of how I’m feeling – Whoopi-ty-aye-oh


One comment

  1. I think it’d be kind of awesome to go back to only being on the phone when you’re home, comfy on the couch or bed!

    Embrace the chaos – one day you’ll be bored 😉

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